You need more than a bookkeeper but less than a full-time CFO. We can help you with the day-to-day accounting and finance complexities that every small business or startup faces when they want to scale. We are the tenacious partner who will work closely with you to create a strategic path forward. An approach that positions your startup for optimal performance, prolonged growth and limited risks.


No two startups are the same. Startups businesses are far more complicated than a mom-and-pop shop. You deserve a partner who treats your finances like their own.  We customize a solution that fit your needs by streamlining and automation that sufficiently handles your business for the forseeable future. We think long-term. 


We simplify complex situations

We save you 50% of finance headcount salary

We’re financial Jedis

We’re knowledgeable and transparent

We’re startup veterans and entrepreneurs ourselves

We want entrepreneurs to start off right

We don’t quit until it’s done

We’re more hands on than a traditional CFO

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Here’s what we’ll do:

1. Assess your business in order to recommend a plan that’s right for you.
2. Introduce you to some of the coolest cloud accounting apps around.
3. Provide guidance on increasing visibility into your business and saving time on your accounting!