Cryptocurrency and Blockchain ventures are changing the world of banking and financial markets. These technologies are very complex, therefore, your energy is best spent solving problems in the real world, not in bookkeeping.

Aquifer team can act as your fractional crypto tax accountant and also assist in all matter related to accounting for cryptocurrency, eventually taking complete ownership of the books while freeing up your time, so you can focus on the key technologies and operations of the business.

Aquifer is skilled in providing accounting for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies. We understand the language and the ins and outs of the industry. Let us help you manage your books while you change the financial landscape.

Financial reporting can be difficult when it comes to crypto and blockchain businesses. There are specific things to account for such as gas fees which are essentially transaction fees, exchange fees, different tax implications and more. Managing books for a crypto business differers greatly from other type of business and you need a team that understands the industry. Aquifer has a proven track record and can help navigate the financial details.

Comprehensive Crypto Asset Management

Managing Clearing Accounts

Accurate management of clearing accounts is important for reflecting accurate transactional balances. Aquifer helps you reconcile accounts to ensure accuracy. Our expertise guarantees that transactional balances are always up-to-date and precise. Trust the Aquifer team for account management and accurate financial reporting.


Subledgers play an important role as they provide granular information about specific transactions. You can track all transactions related to specific cryptocurrency wallets such as deposits, withdrawals, and transfers. This can be beneficial in tax compliance and regulatory reporting. You can trust the Aquifer team to help ensure accurate crypto accounting.

Accurate Price Recording

Crypto markets are volatile, therefore, they require real-time and accurate transaction recording. The Aquifer team ensures that each transaction is recorded accurately, allowing for correct financial reporting even in extremely volatile market conditions.

Wallet Tracking

Monitoring and analyzing the transactions and balances of your crypto wallet is important so you can have visibility into your balances of various cryptocurrencies held in digital wallets. This visibility provides insight into your portfolio. Our team ensures every transaction is tracked so you can get an accurate financial picture, allowing you to focus on growth in the crypto space.

Crypto & Blockchain
Ensuring Compliance and Financial Integrity

Regulatory Compliance

The crypto and blockchain market is always dealing with regulation challenges. Our team helps you understand the changes and make the necessary adjustments needed so you can continue operating. We collect and report the correct financial information to the regulatory organizations, minimizing risk and maintaining operational integrity.

Creating Financial Models

Crypto markets are volatile, and it's important to rely on accurate financial models that can adjust to market changes and any other changes that occur in the market. The Aquifer team has experience in creating financial models in the crypto markets that you can rely on to minimize risk, make informed decisions, and overall develop effective trading strategies.

Revenue Recognition

Cryptocurrencies are volatile, making it difficult as the value of received currency can differ significantly between the transaction time and the time it was reported. The price changes also make valuation hard to predict. The Aquifer team ensures that revenue recognition practices are industry compliant, providing clarity and accuracy in financial reporting.


Navigating the world of taxes regarding cryptocurrencies is complex. You have to recognize revenue correctly and calculate the relevant gains and losses. Also, the regulation around crypto is always changing as the regulators are constantly trying to understand and create rules and regulations around taxes. Our crypto tax services ensure you stay compliant.

Internal Controls and Integration

Implementing internal controls and integrating blockchain with traditional financial systems is important for running efficient operations in the crypto space. The Aquifer team enables seamless integration of blockchain data with traditional financial systems, streamlining operations and enhancing transparency.

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