Corporate and Small Business Tax Rates In Canada

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Corporate and Small Business Tax Rates In Canada

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Understanding the complexities of corporate tax rates and small business taxation in Canada can be daunting. There are numerous variables to take into account when calculating your tax obligations.

As a Canadian business proprietor, it falls upon you to familiarize yourself with the federal corporate tax rate, the relevant provincial corporate tax rate, as well as any exemptions or deductions that might be applicable.

To facilitate this process, we’ve compiled a comprehensive article providing important insights into Canada’s corporate tax landscape and its implications for your small enterprise. Let us get started:

What Is Corporate Tax Rate in Canada?

Corporate tax rates in Canada vary based on factors such as a company’s revenue, location, and type of services. All corporations and small businesses in Canada are subject to these tax rates, with exceptions including tax-exempt Crown corporations, Hutterite colonies, and registered charities.

There are two federal corporate tax rates in Canada:

1.   Federal Small Business Tax Rate (CCPC Rate): This rate, at 9%, applies to Canadian-controlled private corporations that meet specific criteria.

2.   General Corporate Federal Tax Rate: The standard rate is 38% but with a 10% federal tax abatement and a 13% general tax reduction, resulting in a net tax rate of 15% for general corporations.

In addition to federal rates, companies must also pay provincial corporate taxes, which vary by province. Different tax rates apply to investment income, capital gains, and dividends.

What Is Corporate Tax Rate in Canada?

Here’s a breakdown of the corporate income tax rate for each province:

AreasGeneral Corporate Tax Rate Canada Last Year
Alberta:8% / 8%
British Columbia:12% / 12%
Manitoba:12% / 12%
New Brunswick:14% / 14%
Newfoundland & Labrador:15% / 15%
Nova Scotia:14% / 14%
Northwest Territories:11.5% / 11.5%
Nunavut:12% / 12%
Ontario:11.5% / 10%
Prince Edward Island:16% / 16%
Quebec11.5% / 11.5%
Saskatchewan12% / 10%
Yukon12% / 0-2.5%

What Is The Small Business Tax Rate In Canada?

Canada’s small business tax rate varies based on the business’s structure and revenue. Small businesses, those with annual taxable income under $500,000, can benefit from the Federal small business deduction (SBD). This deduction reduces the corporate income tax rate for Canadian-controlled private corporations (CCPCs) primarily operating in Canada. To qualify as a CCPC, the corporation must be Canadian-owned and not publicly traded.

The SBD aims to lower the overall corporate tax liability, with a maximum limit of $500,000 in taxable income for preferential tax treatment across most provinces and territories. This deduction supports small to medium enterprises, startups, and smaller companies, offering incentives while fulfilling tax obligations.

Here’s a table displaying the small business tax rates for both the Federal level and each province. These rates apply to businesses eligible for the small business deduction (SBD), which primarily includes Canadian-controlled private corporations (CCPCs).

AreasBusiness LimitSmall Business Tax Rate (CCPC) Last Year
Federal$500,000         9%
British Columbia$500,0002%
New Brunswick$500,0002.50%
Prince Edward Island$500,0001%
Nova Scotia$500,0002.50%
Newfoundland & Labrador$500,0003%
Northwest Territories$500,0002%

Corporate Tax Rate Calculator Canada

Calculating your corporate tax rate can be tricky, as it involves understanding both federal and provincial regulations and having a clear picture of your company’s finances. Online tax calculators may not provide reliable estimates, leading to further complications.

Corporate Tax Rate Calculator Canada

It’s best to collaborate with a skilled CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) specializing in corporate taxation. They’ll guarantee precise tax calculations, preventing any financial setbacks due to inaccuracies or penalties. Always seek guidance from a corporate tax accountant like AquiferCFO accountant when it comes to calculating, filing, and strategizing for your corporate income tax.

Bottom Line

Managing Canada business tax rate complexities can be daunting, as rates vary based on factors like revenue and location. At AquiferCFO CPA, we’re experts in helping businesses understand tax complexities. We provide personalized tax planning and filing services, ensuring accuracy for your specific situation. Rely on our experienced team to optimize your corporate revenue within legal tax frameworks. Reach out today for a free consultation and simplify your tax management. For further guidance visit


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