Easy Onboarding

Let us take care of everything. We’ll get you set up with all the tech, streamline your new accounting process, and keep you in the loop as we move forward. You’ll then meet your dedicated team of accountants, and away we go.

No need to chase us down – our team will each out to you constantly over Whatsapp/Telegram/Slack group chat.

The Best Tech, Backed by the Best People

The cloud accounting applications we use are some of the best on the market – they’ll automate parts of the accounting process, allowing for a completely paperless system. Of course, technology makes things efficient, but it’s the people that do the real work – our staff will show you how everything works, and are always on call if you have any questions.

We’ll also start a conversation about what your tailored plan may look like, work through ideas, and then nail everything down so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Sustainable Growth

We love when our clients are growing successfully. When you scale, we scale with you: we can help you at every stop along the business cycle, and adjust the accounting process when required so you can focus on growth. From organizing your books to making strategic decisions that will aid in your capital raising process, we’ll be there every step of the way.


24/7 and is available in Whatsapp/Telegram/Slack group chat

Get Started


Let’s get to know each other – fill out a simple online questionnaire and we’ll schedule a free online consultation. We’ll get to know your business better, and explore whether we’re the right fit for one another.


Onboarding can be a little scary, but we’ll handle the process from A-Z for you. After the Service Agreement and NDA are signed, we’ll introduce you to your new team of dedicated accountants, financial analysts and CFO. Next, we will give you a little refresher on how the process works. Now’s when things really take off: we start handling your day-to-day accounting and financial analysis so you can focus on growing your business.


We’ll have a second call to walk you through our process and what backstory we need from you. We’ll discuss a plan that’s tailored to your company’s needs – both for the immediate and the future.


We’ll have weekly check-ups with you via Zoom/Google Meet. If you are busy, texting in our designated Whatsapp/Telegram/Slack chat group is the next best way to sync up.

Get your free assessment

Here’s what we’ll do:

1. Assess your business in order to recommend a plan that’s right for you.
2. Introduce you to some of the coolest cloud accounting apps around.
3. Provide guidance on increasing visibility into your business and saving time on your accounting!