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The Public Image of Your Employees Can Make or Break Your Business

As a business owner, you could be doing everything right in terms of executing business ideas and managing your staff. But business as a whole has many moving parts and some things are out of your control. Consider for instance, the personal face of your employees. Your employees, no matter where they are, represent your company and its brand. What happens when a bad behavior from one of your employees

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Tech Snapshot | Oracle Buys TikTok, NVIDIA Buys Arm | Sept 7 – 11

,,Oracle wins bid for TikTok, beating Microsoft A few weeks ago, we wrote up on ,,Microsoft possibly winning the bid for the U.S. operations of the widely popular video-sharing app TikTok. Turns out Oracle Corporation, the database solutions giant, beat them to it. Oracle is being announced as TikTok’s data host / trust tech partner in a deal that may satisfy the White House’s national security concern regarding the latter’s Chinese origin

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Meetings are a Waste of Time | Opinion Piece

Important meetings can be a great way for colleagues to effectively plan projects. Meetings are often glorified and treated as “essential” for sharing information and ensuring workers are on the same page, but are they really that essential? When are meetings considered no longer effective? What if the time investments for meetings had a direct impact on a company’s stock price? How would you treat meetings then? In today’s article

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Hoping to earn big with equity at a startup? You might earn more by working for a large company.

There have always been pros and cons when it comes to working for an established corporation or a fledgling startup. Large companies are usually bureaucratic and only allow for a niche set of responsibilities, but they offer a stable paycheck with good benefits and stock options. With startups, 90% of them fail, but you would have a wide breadth of responsibilities and a chance to score big bucks if your

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Tech Snapshot | Amazon, Apple, Tesla, Salesforce | Aug 24-28

,,Amazon drone delivery wins FAA approval Amazon obtains a Part 135 air carrier certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), making it a step closer to launching drone delivery in the US. Amazon stated it will now begin testing drone delivery, but hasn’t announced when it will officially be available to the general public. CEO Jeff Bezos first announced a “30-mins or less drone delivery” in 2013, and claims to

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BS Holds Your Startup Back

Last week we briefly discussed how BS can hold your CFO back. What is BS in a company? It’s the meaningless behaviors and practices that hinder the progress and success of your business. Today we will take a deeper dive into how BS can hinder your startup as a whole. “Ask for Forgiveness, Not Permission” This famous quote by U.S. Naval Officer Grace Hopper has become a favorite by modern-day

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Tech Snapshot | Lyft, Uber, Airbnb, Facebook | Aug 17 – 20

,,Lyft and Uber are given more time to classify drivers as employees, or else they leave California Last week was a whirlwind for both ride-hailing companies. A California statute (,,AB-5) issued in 2019 became a landmark case that sought to grant more labor protections for independent contractors, including qualifying them as employees and guaranteeing them minimum wage, sick leave, and worker’s compensation. AB-5 makes it harder for companies to save

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How to Help Your CFO Succeed at Your Startup

In one of our previous opinion pieces, we deep dive into why your startup would benefit from ,,hiring Aquifer Market Services as your virtual CFO. A startup environment is very different from corporate, and when your company is in the early stages, work functions and expectations will differ as well. When it comes to your head of finance/CFO (pro-tip: you should absolutely have professionals help you with your finances like Aquifer

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Aquifer Tech Snapshot – August 10-14

Source: Epic Games ,,Fortnite developer Epic Games sues Apple and Google after they boot Fortnite off the app store Fortnite, an interactive video game enjoyed by 350 million players worldwide, has been kicked off the app store by both Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG) amidst claims of ,,Epic Games violating app guidelines by allowing users to purchase in-game currency outside of the app store’s proprietary payment system. Epic Games has responded by

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