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Tailored for startups and dynamic enterprises, we unlock potential without the premium overhead.

Founders already have a lot on their mind

You have a lot on your plate. From generating sales, developing the tech stack, approving UX designs, hiring staff and just trying to bring it all together while building value.

You have a lot on your plate, let us handle the numbers so you can go back to operating the business


Accounting & Bookkeeping


Financial Modeling


Tax Compliance and Advisory


Financial Advisory


M&A and Capital Raise

What we do

We offer the capabilities of a comprehensive accounting and finance department, tailored to your needs. Whether enhancing your existing operations or serving as your complete department—from bookkeeping to CFO-level optimizations—we curate & adapt seamlessly to your business requirements.

Scale as you Grow

Explore our tailored financial services that scale with your business. From startups in their early growth phase to established companies expanding their reach, our pricing packages are designed with your ARR in mind.  

0 % of startups

fail due to unorganized finances.

Why hire us

The best time to hire a CFO for a startup was yesterday, but traditional CFOs are expensive and they’re not entrepreneurial enough to be hands-on. We also understand that founders rather invest capital in growing a sales or tech team than a finance team.

You’re in luck because we’re the perfect solution for you. We offer a full-suite Startup-CFO finance department service without the cost of a traditional CFO.

The Aquifer Difference

Cheap Bookkeeping Firms

Good for sole proprietors or mom-and-pop shops


Good for venture backed, growing & scaling startups.

Expensive Accounting Firms

Good for companies with thousands of employees