SaaS businesses require focus on your customers and changing markets as staying competitive is crucial to success in the SaaS business. Therefore, you must focus on the core business and have us monitor your profit margins and burn rate so you can continue working towards getting more market share, staying competitive, and growing your company.

SaaS businesses are a popular choice as they offer predictable cash flows and stickiness, once your customers start using it, they rely heavily on your infrastructure and don't want to migrate - All of these are attractive points from a business standpoint.

The attractiveness comes at a cost. For example, a user can upgrade, downgrade or add features, making the accounting process a nightmare for an non experienced individual. They can also be on an account freeze and decide to upgrade in the same month. However, its important to account for these changes correctly so you can understand the health of your businesses and make decisions correctly. Accounting for all these dynamic changes can get hard and this is where Aquifer team can add value by providing services in SaaS accounting. 

Revolutionize Your SaaS Business Experience Unmatched Growth with Our Services by Acting as Your SaaS Fractional CFO

Revenue Recognition

Recognizing revenue correctly is important to any business. As a SaaS business, it's even more important as users may subscribe for a yearly plan; however, you have to recognize just part of that revenue for that specific month as the services get rendered. Similarly, users may choose to upgrade or downgrade plans; in this case, revenue must be recognized correctly depending on the specific scenario. How do you make sure you are recognizing and reporting correctly? Aquifer team can help you stay on track by providing expert SaaS accounting services.

Cost Management

For a SaaS business, one of the major costs is engineering and account management. As the business grows, it's important to manage your costs effectively so you can manage your resources correctly. Aquifer team can help you identify areas in cost reduction and gain visibility into your overall expenses so you can gain more profitability and have a longer runway.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Calculating CAC for a small business allows you to understand how much it costs to acquire a single customer. This is crucial from a cost analysis perspective as it helps you gain insight into questions such as, "How much should you spend on marketing?" and "How much should I charge for the service?" All these questions are key for a SaaS business. Aquifer can help you answer all these questions correctly so, you can move your business forward.

Advanced Strategic and Compliance Solutions for SaaS

Churn and Retention

Churn (loss of a customer) is an important SaaS metric and plays a significant role in customer retention. However, churn is hard to get correct unless you have good accounting practices. Aquifer team can help you gain visibility into this key metric and build a true financial picture.

Compliance and Risk Mitigation

Certain SaaS businesses in specific industries such as Fintech require you to maintain accurate, clean, and timely records for auditors and regulators for you to stay in business. Aquifer team acts as your SaaS fractional CFO and can help you maintain your accounting records so you can be compliant.

Strategic Resource Allocation

Getting a handle on your finances will give you a clear picture of your business and help you allocate your resources correctly. For example, once you know where you are spending money, you can choose to outsource or cut costs where needed, further increasing your profit margins.

Access to Specialized Skills

Accessing specialized skills gives you the confidence and resources that you would otherwise have to source and hire yourself. Also, having access to a senior team on an ongoing basis helps in overall business decision-making.

Financial Flexibility

An advantage of outsourced financial services is the ability to grow based on your needs. Instead of hiring a bigger team or shrinking your team internally, you can adjust quickly and easily, minimizing any operational disruptions with Aquifer.

Expert Financial Oversight at Lower Cost

You can get access to an entire team of senior accounting and financial professionals without the associated cost. This is excellent from a cost and value perspective, as you get the most bang for your buck.

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